Smart Kitty – Automatic Litter Box for Cats

Innovation has finally hit the pet market, as the Smart Kitty – Automatic Litter Box for Cats is about to change the lives of cat owners forever. Smart, user-friendly and surprisingly inexpensive, this litter box might just be that what changes the way people view living with a pet.

The automatic litter box has been designed as a solution to eliminate hand scooping and litter box smell. It is also designed to maintain the hygiene of your home. The Smart Kitty – Automatic Litter Box for Cats is designed with sensors and will fit cats of any size. The product has been tested with kids and is presented as being reliable, safe, comfortable and highly convenient. It comes with a detail use manual and employs the use of technology and, which means that it requires a minimum or attention and effort. The product is ingeniously designed and easy to operate.

Smart kitty

To make the self-cleaning product become reality, the initiators of this idea are asking for the support of Cat Lovers all around the world. Through the help of a smartly developed Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, they hope to raise $40,000 by the end of August. Based on the contributions, the supporters can be placed on the site’s contributors wall (for a $4 contribution) or receive a tent for cats (for a $25 contribution).

The most generous contributors will receive either a “Smart Kitty-Super Early Bird” package (for a contribution of $95) or a “Smart Kitty- Early Bird” package (contribution of $125). These two packages include the automatic litter box, 20 waste bags, rakes, user manual and a mobile application, as well as a two-year warranty. Either package seems to be quite a bargain considering the utility which they are designed to bring to the pet owner’s life. All the products are expected to ship out at the end of November.

To get your Smart Kitty – Automatic Litter Box for Cats at a super price go to their Indiegogo campaign and support their development by making a donation.

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