How to Raise and Feed Pet Tadpoles With?

Frogs are regarded as the most captivating amphibians which are lovingly kept as a pet by many animal lovers.

Caring for frogs naturally inbuilt a desire to have to check out the process of breeding them!

raise and feed tadpoles

It is a great opportunity to observe the life cycle of a frog right from egg to a well-developed frog.

However, there is a particular way to raise these tadpoles.

How to raise tadpoles?

Raising a tadpole might be something that comes out as exotic to people but then one should check the law of their country before doing the same, as a lot of countries term the process of raising tadpoles as illegal.

In case this process is legal than one should try to just a few of them rather than a large quantity, as one has to take care of the environment too.

Also raising tadpoles might be a cumbersome process as it takes a lot of space. Now once the tadpoles are collected and are brought, the next process is how to raise them?

Below the whole process is outlined.

  1. Get hold of a container or an aquarium that can hold tadpoles properly and give them enough space to grow.
  2. Provide the tadpoles with clean water as they require the same. Try to procure water from a stream or a lake which is not polluted.
  3. A tadpole generally grows into a fully grown frog within a period of 6 to 12 weeks. One has to keep the temperate at moderate levels as the growth of tadpoles stops during cold temperatures.
  4. Once the tadpoles start growing legs, it is important that they are provided with some support so that they can jump out of the water. In this process, one can provide leaves of plants that are non-poisonous to them.
  5. In case the tadpoles are being raised in an open environment than they should be provided with a lot of vegetation along with enough water as they love to hide around the vegetated area. Making them grow in a hostile environment might prove to be harmful.
  6. Make sure to clean the water body from time to time so that it does not become a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Now, once the process for raising tadpoles is followed it is important to understand their food habits and provide them with the right kind of nutrition.

Below are some of their food habits along with the kind of food they like to be fed.

What do tadpoles eat? How to feed them?

What foods do pet tadpoles eat has always been an important question but along with it, it is also important to learn how to feed them.

It is very important to feed tadpoles on a regular basis if one wants to see them grow into healthy frogs.

Along with this, one way to understand that the tadpoles are being overfed is when one sees that the water body in which the tadpoles are kept, is getting dirty with food particles.

Thus, it is important to follow a balanced diet while feeding these creatures.

Lettuce is their favorite food and it is advisable that the lettuce is boiled for some 10 to 20 minutes before feeding it to the tadpole.

This will soften the leaves of the lettuce and the tadpoles will face less difficulty in eating them.

One should always break down the lettuce leaves into small bits as these creatures do not eat anything which is too large for them to feed on.