How to Protect Endangered Species of Birds?

Humans have had huge effects on several bird species. Almost one hundred bird species have gone extinct due to several reasons.

Moreover, many other species of birds are on the list of getting extinct if bird protection measures are not taken timely.

protect birds

To understand the best measures to protect birds, we need to first understand available threats to them. There are several threats to birds:

Habitat Loss

One of the biggest threats to endangered birds is the destruction of their habitats.

The loss of natural systems, forests, and plains and the draining of swamps reduce the potential habitats of many species of birds.

Moreover, human encroachment and development of commercial and residential spaces are contributing in eliminating the habitats of birds.

Habitat loss has been considered as the biggest reason for the extinction of many birds.

Exploitation and Hunting

Hunting has been another biggest threat to birds. Over the decades, people have been hunting down some rare species of the birds knowingly or unknowingly.

In some cases, harvesting some species of birds also put them into endangered condition.

Bird Protection and Conservation Techniques

Bird protection or conservation is a field of science in conservation biology. It is high time to pay attention to the species of birds that are threatened to extinct.

The foremost thing is to remove the above-mentioned threats for animals in our environment and society thereby making a better place for animals and birds.

We live in an ecosystem where we should not destroy the territories or habitats of animals. Here are some techniques of bird protection:

1- Captive Breeding:

Captive breeding has been used in many cases to save birds from extinction. The idea of captive breeding is to develop a viable population of endangered species of birds either in zoos or breeding facilities.

Thus, the captive population of the birds is regarded as the insurance against the species going extinct in the wild. The biggest successful case of captive breeding is California Condor which was almost extinct, remained only 25.

Thus, to save this species of bird, the decision has been made to take all birds into captivity. Now the number has increased to 235 from 25.

2- Habitat Protection:

Habitat loss has been mentioned as the biggest reason for the extinction of several species of birds. Therefore, the Government has decided to protect the natural habitats of the birds.

For that purpose, the Government needs to purchase land for conservation and gazette it as either zoo or protected area.

Stopping human encroachment into the natural habitat is another measure to protect the natural habitats of the endangered species of birds.

3- Translocations and Reintroductions:

Reintroductions of captive birds in the wild can surely replenish the population of endangered species of birds.

It is the best way to restore or create a new population of birds that has almost become extinct. One of the best examples of reintroduction is Hawaiian geese as the numbers of this bird increase from 30 to 500.

These above-mentioned conservation and bird protection measures can make a huge difference in saving rare species of birds that are about to extinct.