Kitten collars and its types

In case one needs to purchase a kitten collar for the cat in the house he or she must first know about the various types of collars that are available in the market. This awareness tends to help people to buy the best out of the lot and not compromise over any crucial factor than can be damaging for the cats.

Break away collars– this collar tends to be the most suitable one for the cats as they are elastic in nature. These kitten collars tend to stretch when a high amount of pressure is applied to it. In case the harness gets strangled at some place or the other this collars helps the cat in rescuing itself because of the elasticity and hence save the cats from choking their throat and dying. One can get various designs available under this type of safety belts as well. Hence one does not need to compromise with the look while ensuring safety.

Fleas collars– there are collars that comes along with some safety solution and pesticides impregnated in to it that kills flea and its eggs from the neck and head of the cats. These solution filled collars help in keeping away the cat from flea, mosquitoes and tick and hence even protects the humans from having cat disease as the cats are clean and safe. Some cats might be prone to rashes due to the chemicals and in case there are any such symptoms seen, one must take the harness of and consult a doctor for better harnesses.

Reflective collars– these kitten collars are made up of special elements that glows when light falls on them n dark. This helps the cats from having an accident in night as the car drivers can locate the cats with these reflective kitten collars from a distance.