3 Mistakes People Make When Training a Dog

Dog training is not as easy as it seems on TV where you see a professional dog trainer changes the behavior of a dog in a snap of a finger. Oftentimes, this could be a problematic area that requires a lot of effort and sufficient knowledge.

dog training mistakes

In order to properly train your dog, you should know the appropriate dog training methods.

But before you learn about how to train your dog, first you need to learn how to avoid common mistakes most people make in dog training that will cause problems and resulting in obedience issues in your dog.

Three of the most common mistakes people make regarding dog training are:

1- Treating a Dog Like a Human

So, you love your dog, but that doesn’t you can treat the dog like a human being. A lot of dog owners make this mistake, they seem to think that their dogs have the same feelings and emotions as if they were humans.

This makes them hard to apply some necessary training methods because they don’t want to hurt their feelings.

2- Spoiling a Dog

This is actually still relating to the #1 mistake. A lot of people tend to treat their dogs like babies, so they are spoiling these dogs. But in this case, it would be a bit similar as if when you’re spoiling a kid, the dogs will become as well, spoiled. Spoiled dogs will develop bad behavior and obedience issues.

If you just got a dog you should avoid making these mistakes since the very beginning. However, if you think you’ve already made those mistakes and the damage has been done, don’t worry because there’s always a chance for you to retrain your dog.

3- Not Choosing the Right Method

There are many dog training methods and dog training tips introduced by different dog trainers. Basically, most of these dog training methods are good, but you also need to know that different methods are meant for different purposes.

There are dog training methods that are meant to correct the dog’s behavior, there are training to simply teach cute tricks, there is training for dog competition, and many others.

For a new dog, what you need is a basic training method that could shape the behavior of your dog. This type of training will help you to become a pack leader, which is the most important figure in the dog’s world. When you finally become a pack leader, it will be a lot easier for you to control your dog’s behavior.

It’s also helpful if you can become a dog trainer for your own dog. You can learn the skills by attending short courses in a dog trainer school. Additionally, you can also take your dog to a certified dog trainer for a certain period, 4-8 weeks would be enough just to set some basic attitudes so your dog could behave better.

But it shouldn’t just stop there, you need to continue the training yourself because owning a dog means that you will have an ongoing relationship with all its challenges, so you need to make sure that your dog will have good behavior at all times.