Specialties of Blue Mushroom Corals

Blue mushroom coral is known for its elan that adds color and texture to the marine aquarium. They can be stored in an aquarium that has only coral or with other kinds of animals. These corals are easy to maintain and are available in different colors and textures.

Blue Mushroom Corals

Mushroom corals can be seen in smooth, fuzzy or bumpy around the oral disk. Blue mushroom corals are seen in a range of size from an inch to a foot. Corals that live in aquariums have around 3 inch size in diameter. These are stored in a saltwater or marine aquarium.

Blue mushroom corals need live-rock to join themselves, as well as airstone and sand substrate. In general, mushroom corals do well in a marine aquarium with indirect or shade lighting. Temperature requirement will differ based on the particular group of the coral group.

Some groups will need a chiller for the container. They need slow water current, so don’t locate them in which the water flow will disturb them. They can tolerate high levels of nitrate and other natural elements. Moreover, low level natural elements will also improve their colors.

Nutrition requirements for blue mushroom corals are given by zooxanthellae, which are found within the coral. This is a photosynthetic alga giving oxygen, glucose amino acids and glycerol through process of photosynthesis. There are chances for coral to expel zooxanthellae during stress period.

Hence, this will lead the coral lose its color and become blur. Other important nutrition requirements for coral vary according to the kind of mushroom coral.

Some groups will eat particulates floating in the water while other will consume live black worms, new hatched brine shrimp, etc. Here is a reliable online source where you can get detailed information about blue mushroom corals and its varieties.