CBD For Cats: A Natural Relief For Your Pet

Cannabidiol made from cannabis plant helps in promoting good health and balancing effect on your pet. Pet owners across the country can make use of this herb for treating medical and behavioural syndromes in your pet.

Based on its medicinal effects CBD can help treat digestive disorder, neurological, anxiety and obsession, mood and withdrawal symptoms in your cat. During the recovery phase, CBD can also help in improving immunity and stimulate appetite.

How to use CBD for cats?

If safety is your concern and you wish to ensure your pet stay safe and healthy while you also take care of your pet, then CBD is your solution. Hemp derived CBD is not psychoactive and helps in keeping your pet always in relaxed mode.

This herb does not have any side effect on your pet and is available for sale in almost all country. You can get it from your local medical store but make sure to carry your veterinary prescription with you.

Health problems that can be treated with CBD

CBD helps in treating various ill effects on your cat. But before blindly going with implementing it on your pet, you need to consider various situations wherein you can use CBD.

Few such options are as follows: poor appetite, fear of facing people or other pet species, distress caused due to change in environmental condition, aggression or trouble in getting along with other animal, eating or consuming inappropriate objects and crying consistently without any specific reason.

Below mentioned are few instances where in you can use CBD for cats:

Arthritis: Now this might be a bit confusing. Arthritis is common in cats and requires all the help it requires. It is now recognized that pets need not control their pain and any inflammation or pain due to arthritis can be reduced or controlled with the help of CBD for cats. In case you find your cat to be reclusive or do not respond to you then make sure you take it to a vet immediately.

Cancer: Animals infected with cancerous cells can be removed or treated with the help of CBD. There are many more reports coming up wherein success rate and longer survival rate has been identified with the inclusion of CBD in daily life.

Where can you buy CBD for cats?

Buying CBD for cats is not a tough task. You can get it easily in any medical store or online at stores such as diamondcbd.com. Do not forget to consult your vet before buying CBD for your pet.

Kitten collars and its types

In case one needs to purchase a kitten collar for the cat in the house he or she must first know about the various types of collars that are available in the market.

This awareness tends to help people to buy the best out of the lot and not compromise over any crucial factor that can be damaging for the cats.

Breakaway collars

This collar tends to be the most suitable one for the cats as they are elastic in nature.

These kitten collars tend to stretch when a high amount of pressure is applied to it.

In case the harness gets strangled at someplace or the other these collars help the cat in rescuing itself because of the elasticity and hence save the cats from choking their throat and dying.

One can get various designs available under this type of safety belts as well.

Hence one does not need to compromise with the look while ensuring safety.

Fleas collars

There are collars that come along with some safety solution and pesticides impregnated into it that kills flea and its eggs from the neck and head of the cats.

These solution filled collars help in keeping away the cat from flea, mosquitoes, and tick and hence even protects the humans from having cat disease as the cats are clean and safe.

Some cats might be prone to rashes due to the chemicals and in case there are any such symptoms seen, one must take the harness off and consult a doctor for better harnesses.

Reflective collars

These kitten collars are made up of special elements that glow when light falls on them in the dark.

This helps the cats from having an accident at night as the car drivers can locate the cats with these reflective kitten collars from a distance.

Pet Anxiety Causes and Treatment Tips with Cat Blanket

Pets are always nice to have, whether it is the one that is bought from a pet shop or the one that has been rescued from the roads. But what happens is, the pets get friendly with the members of the house slowly with time and till the time it gets to know everyone it stays anxious due to the lack of feeling safe with new people around.

They are often scared when they see new faces or feel something unfriendly around. Mostly the rescued ones face a great amount of anxiousness due to various reasons.

The main cause of anxiousness in small pets can be due to separation, travel, confinement and noise. When they get separated from the former owner they feel anxious to meet new people and be in a new environment.

Sudden noise can make the feel unsafe and hence anxious. Travelling can make the small pets go through various unfriendly bumps and a scenario that makes them feel uncomfortable. In case the pet is chained for the first time, it may feel threatened and captured and hence would likely eel anxious as it wants to get free.

One can treat all these causes of anxiety with love and care. Spending more time with the pet and keeping it in its comfort zone helps a lot in driving away this anxiety. Giving it proper nutrition and proper sleep along with love and care can make it a very friendly pet and strong at the same time.

The bedhug cat blanket plays a major role in providing these cute little creatures with the feeling of ultimate coziness which makes them feel safe and comfortable. The design of a hug created in these blankets is a true sign of love of the arms of someone friendly. This cozy hug drives away anxiety.

How To Select Best Cat Beds From Online Stores?

Making the selection of Cat Beds is really complicated for cat owners. There are just so many choices available and there is no doubt that most of the choices seem suitable for the pet. However, there is still a question of pet’s preference because if your cat will not like the bed then there will be no use of the purchase.

There are so many things that you will need to see in order to ensure that you make the right choice. But of course, if you make this process of purchase simple and yet effective then the primary thing for you to check is the choice of your cat.

However, if you don’t have any idea of your cat’s preference in this matter then you can simply browse online stores for perfect Cat Beds and then you will need to choose best one so that your cat can feel comfortable with it. When the bed will be comfortable then there will be higher chances that your cat will love the purchase and you will be happy too.

Selecting the cat beds from the online stores can be challenging because there are so many choices but still you don’t find any real evidence of quality assurance. But, if you will make your purchase from trustworthy website and if you will read the customer comments before purchase then you will not be tricked with the high cost and low quality product.

When you will do proper digging about the product and if you will spend some time in this process then online purchase will become best option for you because here you will get perfect shopping without any kind of unnecessary distractions.

Acknowledging your Cat: Body Language of Cat

Cat is no less than your fur-kid, even though they really cannot speak to you? Or do they? Cats may not converse to you but they definitely communicate through the cat body language. Do you know that if a cat wags its tail, it isn’t a sign of delight- but they are actually angry! Take a look at some of the clues that will help you understand your cat:

Content and Calm

Cats that are happy and calm keep their ears pricked and alert. Their tail is relaxed and they gaze with half lidded eyes. Another way to find out if the cat is happy is when they knead their paws.


Happy to see you

When your car is delighted to see you, they showcase it with cat tail language. They greet you with their tail held straight. They’ll rub their faces against you and mark you as a part of their zone.

Why do felines purr?

Kittens purr to communicate with their mother. And speaking of grown up cats, they purr to signify happiness. But sometimes, they also purr to state their sickness. Cats also purr to indicate submission or friendliness to the other cats.

Desire Something

You’ll find out when your cat desires something- it could be food, love or litter cleaning. It is when they lean into your leg their full body. Some cats hop to state it.

Aggression and fear

When the cat is scared, they make themselves appear small. The tail is tucked close to the body and ear are turned sideways. If your cat is aggressive, they try to look intimidating and scary.

You can easily get to know all about your cat with their body language and tail. There is a complete cat language Bible to explain you the perfect way to communicate with your cat.

Smart Kitty – Automatic Litter Box for Cats

Innovation has finally hit the pet market, as the Smart Kitty – Automatic Litter Box for Cats is about to change the lives of cat owners forever. Smart, user-friendly and surprisingly inexpensive, this litter box might just be that what changes the way people view living with a pet.

The automatic litter box has been designed as a solution to eliminate hand scooping and litter box smell. It is also designed to maintain the hygiene of your home. The Smart Kitty – Automatic Litter Box for Cats is designed with sensors and will fit cats of any size. The product has been tested with kids and is presented as being reliable, safe, comfortable and highly convenient. It comes with a detail use manual and employs the use of technology and, which means that it requires a minimum or attention and effort. The product is ingeniously designed and easy to operate.

Smart kitty

To make the self-cleaning product become reality, the initiators of this idea are asking for the support of Cat Lovers all around the world. Through the help of a smartly developed Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, they hope to raise $40,000 by the end of August. Based on the contributions, the supporters can be placed on the site’s contributors wall (for a $4 contribution) or receive a tent for cats (for a $25 contribution).

The most generous contributors will receive either a “Smart Kitty-Super Early Bird” package (for a contribution of $95) or a “Smart Kitty- Early Bird” package (contribution of $125). These two packages include the automatic litter box, 20 waste bags, rakes, user manual and a mobile application, as well as a two-year warranty. Either package seems to be quite a bargain considering the utility which they are designed to bring to the pet owner’s life. All the products are expected to ship out at the end of November.

To get your Smart Kitty – Automatic Litter Box for Cats at a super price go to their Indiegogo campaign and support their development by making a donation.

You can join or support them at: https://goo.gl/oUlKN7

CAT 9 Kickstarter Project

Do you love cats? Are you aware that it is possible to create cats from paper and cloth mache? Well. While this may sound unbelievable, the reality will surprise you. CAT 9 is a kickstater project which involves creation and birth of 9 cats from paper and cloth mache. It is dedicated to those who save rescue cats. So if you are such kind of a person, this is the project that suits you.


The main objective of this kickstater CAT 9 project is to raise enough funds to enable the birth of 9 cat sculptures, all unique in personality and character.

They will be posted for adoption as they become available on snuzplanet’s .com’s ‘’Adopshun page’’ in the event that the campaign is fully funded. The very important backers will be notified through newsletter before the process of adoption is made official to the general public.

The 9 represents the mythical illusion that cats have 9 lives.

This kickstater project is dedicated to cat rescue organizations as well as volunteers who rescue cats from ponds, high kill shelters, feral life, inhumane environment and other unfriendly situations that make the lives of cats difficult hence the need for a new home.

The project owner was inspired by his love for cats. He is also passionate to visual arts, especially sculpture. He has learned a lot through workshops, books and experimentation. He has also served on the board of directors for Visual Arts Brampton for a period of more than 10 years.

Risk And Challenges

The non-creation of cats due to death or if the creator is seriously sick.

Creating a box in a manner that Arthur -the cat won’t get damaged while being shipped.

In conclusion, this is indeed an interesting kickstater project that shows love and concern to pets especially cats. It is worth being funded.