5 Steps to Lengthen your Dog’s Life

Dogs are awesome, cute, cuddly, and extremely friendly. But, dogs have a short lifespan.

Sadly, we humans do have limits. I can’t grant any dog immortality, and nor can you. (Unless you’re a wizard/witch. Or technology decided to evolve itself that far.)

However, there are 5 bits of advice at linkhearts.com that can give you to lengthen the bond between you and your dog.

1: Dental Care

Don’t you dare scroll down after this or click off! I know you think you’ve got good dental care for your dog. But maybe you should check.

And also, never underestimate how big an impact dental hygiene is on the health and biological functions of the entire body of your dog.

Your dog needs to eat, and if their dental hygiene is bad, so will the rest of their body.

Here are 4 ways to improve your dog’s dental health.

  1. Occasional Brushing of Teeth
  2. Specialized foods to specifically used to keep your dog’s teeth clean and strong
  3. Use vet-recommended foods.
  4. Raw bones, although check with your vet if your dog should be ‘eating’ raw bones.

2: Obesity is Not What You’d Call Good

Sure, all the chubby Shiba Inus you see are so damn adorable, obesity is something your dog should avoid. Owning an obese dog means they can experience serious health issues for your dog including anal gland, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and respiratory problems.

In addition, overweight and obese dogs would agonize from constant discomfort, heat intolerance and are likely to have a reduced lifespan, and compared to their slim friends, there is a huge gap, where your dog would have been alive.

Many veterinarians find the common perception among dog owners that a dog would be healthier with a tad bit more extra weight. Oppositely, dogs actually live longer with less stuffing in their stomachs than more stuffing.

Fortunately for you and your dog, there are many things you can do at the very house you live in to monitor your dog’s weight.

Just like humans, it all depends on exercise, diet, and treatment restriction. The ‘diet’ part isn’t as complicated as a human’s diet and doesn’t need calorie counting. You can simply switch to a premium weight control meal and follow the feeding guidelines.

3: Nutrition

Unless you have major brain damage, you would agree that good nutrition is beneficial to health for both you and your dog. But you may not be aware of the big impact a high-quality diet can make on your dog’s total wellbeing.

Good nutrition adds years to a dog’s lifespan. Compare good nutrition to bad nutrition. Well, it’s quite obvious which one is better for your furry friend, unless, well, you’ve got brain damage.

Premium dog food tends to include greater quality of ingredients than most other dog food you’d find. Top-quality kibble usually comes mixed with more beneficial nutrients that sustain skin and coat, joints, and digestive system.

This is primarily the reason that when switching from a supermarket kibble to a premium diet, dog owners typically notice a shinier coat, an upgrade in skin issues, reduced hunger, and food-seeking behaviour.

4: Parasite Prevention

Parasites are currently a huge issue in Australia, but fortunately for us they preventable.

Sustaining your dog’s parasites are simple and can give your dog immunity against some deadly and dangerous diseases.

Mosquitoes spread heartworm and slowly takes it’s time before it takes its toll. Similarly, venomous ticks can lead your dog to a fully-fledged paralysis from which your dog may have a hard time trying to recover.

Always make sure your injections are up to date and completely comprehensive against all parasites. Many preventive products are marked as ‘all-in-one’ but do not include cover against some worms or external parasites, such as ticks.

5: Home Space Awareness

Creating a joyful, stress-free home can help your dog lengthen their life by decreasing overall stress and anxiety. A decrease in cortisol levels can assist support immunity and reduce the intensity of nearly any chronic condition.

Here are 3 ways to turn your house into a stress-free environment for your dog.

1: A Comfy Bed

Although most dogs prefer to rest on their owner’s bed, it is better to buy them a comfortable dog bed all to themselves. This is because your dog can then nap during the day and there is a warmer spot for your dog. Additionally, you won’t need to clean out your bed because of the insane amounts of fur.

2: Calming Pheromones

Odourless, medication-free pheromone products like Adaptil have been very popular since their invention, successfully calming stressed dogs on a global scale.

3: Fresh Fountain Water

A water fountain with an in-built filter can encourage your dog to slurp all the water they need. This will keep them hydrated and promoting overall health.

Is Soy Milk Safe for Dog and Cats?

Mother’s milk is always the best option when it comes to milk for pets.

However, at times when the mother is not available to feed her puppy, there is a wide range of dairy milk options that comes to our mind. These are cow milk, goat milk, soy milk, almond milk, and many more.

Although drinking milk is absolutely safe for pets like cats, kittens, puppies, and dogs, some of these options are hard to digest and hence not recommended on regular basis.

Here in this article, we will try to find out what are the best milk options to give to your dog/puppies, without affecting their health adversely.

soy milk for pets

Can Dogs Drink Cow Milk?

Regular cow’s milk for puppies can develop sinus problems; diarrhea or tummy aches as some dogs and cats face difficulty in digesting lactose (naturally occurring sugar in dairy products).

Not only for dogs, but lactose is many times hard to digest for humans as well as for other animals like cats.

If you want to give cow milk to your dog occasionally, this will not be a problem for them.

However, if they show a sign of allergy or intolerance you should stop feeding them with cow’s milk and try something else.

Note: Red itchy skin after drinking the milk can be a sign of allergy while loose stools and other digestive issues can be a sign of intolerance to lactose.

Can Dogs and Cats Drink Soy Milk?

Soy milk is a good non-dairy plant-based milk alternative for cats, dogs, and puppies. In fact, most of the commercial pet foods are made of soy as it is an excellent source of protein and is less expensive than animal-based proteins.

But do you know, too much intake of soy can lead to serious health issues in pets? This is due to the fact that it contains proteins called isoflavones.

According to many nutritionists, isoflavones can have positive health benefits for humans and can therefore be good for dogs too.

Feeding your dog and cats with large quantities of soy milk is therefore not good, you can however give it in moderate quantities as an occasional treat.

Can Dogs Eat Soy Sauce?

Soy sauce also called soya sauce appears as a brown, salty liquid is made from fermented soybeans, salt, water, and sometimes roasted grains.

Most of the dog foods available in the market contain soy products, so many of us are with the conception that soy sauce is good for dogs. But, it is wrong. Soy sauce has a high quantity of sodium which is not healthy for dogs.

If a dog intakes more than a teaspoon of soy sauce regularly, it may lead to salt poisoning or kidney damage in them. Salt poisoning in dogs is fatal as it results in neurological issues.

Can Dogs Eat Soy Yoghurt?

Soy yogurt or Sogurt is basically yogurt prepared with soy milk adding yogurt bacteria and has a low level of cholesterol and saturated fat.

Yogurt is rich in calcium and protein, but also contains additives which cannot be included in a dog’s diet. Whereas, soy yogurt given in limited quantity is less harmful to dogs as it is prepared from soy milk containing vegetable source protein.

Can I Feed My Dog Soy Chunks?

Soy chunks are texturized vegetable source protein obtained from soybeans at the time of extraction of soya-bean oil. It is a defatted soy flour product.

Vegetarians or vegans feed their dogs with soy chunks as a substitute for meat or eggs. It is good for your dog as it is rich in vegetable source protein and easily digestible.

But, it is always good to feed your dogs and cats with a limited quantity of it as too many soy chunks can make your dog lethargic.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Dog Food

Hydrolyzed soy proteins are acquired from the hydrolysis of soy plants. It enhances flavors and so used in soups, spices, sauces, and snacks due to its high sodium levels.

Hydrolyzed soy protein dog food is the best choice for dogs that are sensitive to food reactions including gastrointestinal or dermatology skin infections.

Diets with soy protein substitutes hydrolyzed dog food protein helping in providing balanced nutrition for dogs and cats.

Moreover, hydrolyzed soy protein diets help to treat colitis, idiopathic diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, otitis externa, and short bowel syndrome in dogs.

It helps food-allergic dogs by providing some of the small protein molecules that can make an allergic reaction almost impossible.

Also, hydrolyzed soy is used as hypoallergenic alternatives to the whole food forms of these protein sources and is often used in sensitive skin diets to fight against food allergies.

These hydrolyzed soy proteins are usually consumed along with potato, rice, or cornstarch which acts as the carbohydrate source.

What Kind Of Milk Can Puppies Drink?

According to veterinary nutritionists feeding your dog and cat with large amounts of milk can lead to problems such as obesity and pancreatitis, as it contains a lot of fat and sugar.

Hence Milk should only be given to dogs, cats, and newborn puppies as an occasional treat and not as a regular diet.

Milk such as almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, goat milk, etc. can also prove hazardous to dogs if given daily in large quantities. Remember that moderation is key when it comes to feeding your dog and puppies with milk or other types of dairy products.

Commercial milk replacers or fat evaporated cow’s milk is, therefore, the only good alternative for newborn puppies as these are completely safe for them.

When at times the mother is not available for nursing her puppy, a commercial milk replacer is best for them as compared to various other types of milk.

Here are some of the best milk replacers for puppies you can try out:

  • Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacement Powder made of vegetable oil and the milk-based formula is rich in vitamins and minerals,
  • Nutri-Vet Milk Replacement for Puppies which is full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins containing amino acids,
  • Goat’s Milk Esbilac which is dried whole goat milk rich in vitamins and minerals,
  • Petlac Milk Powder for Puppies rich in vitamins and minerals is made of vegetable oil and cow’s dry skimmed milk and
  • Manna Pro Nurse All Non-Medicated Milk Replacer, rich in protein derived from milk products, vitamins, and minerals

These are the few best commercial milk replacers for your newborn puppy. We are sure that they will certainly love these.

3 Types of Food That Turtle Loves to Eat

The most important tip for keeping your pet turtle in good shape is a good food, enough place to swim and climb in the pond and a good filtration system.

Your turtle must also have a simple shelter to retreat too when it wants to being out in the open. You can prefer shelter made out of selected stones or wood.

The food of turtles mainly depends upon the type as most of them are carnivorous when they are in their young age and when mature change into omnivores.

Mostly some feed on plants where as others hunt small creatures actively for their food.

Food Turtles Eat

A turtle’s diet is based upon the species which are 300 in number and to which it belongs, its living place and what it has right to use to.

If you have a turtle, then here are some foods to feed and keep it healthy.

1- Vegetables

Feed leafy vegetables, which are best like red clover, dandelions, turnip greens, duckweed, plantain weed, water lettuce, carrot tops which are okay and works best.

2- Flowers

Like human, turtles love flowers. It’s not to view and appreciate, but to eat, like lilies, hibiscus, borage, carnations, geraniums and hyssop as turtle food.

3- Protein Sources

You have many sources of protein, which are safe to feed the turtles in the form of small amounts of cooked chicken, fish or turkey, boiled eggs, meal worms, earthworms, slugs, snails, crickets and shrimp which are fine. Avoid raw meat as it contains lots of fat.

Well, the turtle cannot digest dairy products as their digestive system does not carry any enzymes required for breaking down of the lactose which may make them sick.

Check how old they are as young age and adult turtle hold different diets based on the species and need to take care about the plants they are habitat to them. Try to keep poisonous plants out of their reach and clear from their water tanks.

3 Mistakes People Make When Training a Dog

Dog training is not as easy as it seems on TV where you see a professional dog trainer changes the behavior of a dog in a snap of a finger. Oftentimes, this could be a problematic area that requires a lot of effort and sufficient knowledge.

dog training mistakes

In order to properly train your dog, you should know the appropriate dog training methods.

But before you learn about how to train your dog, first you need to learn how to avoid common mistakes most people make in dog training that will cause problems and resulting in obedience issues in your dog.

Three of the most common mistakes people make regarding dog training are:

1- Treating a Dog Like a Human

So, you love your dog, but that doesn’t you can treat the dog like a human being. A lot of dog owners make this mistake, they seem to think that their dogs have the same feelings and emotions as if they were humans.

This makes them hard to apply some necessary training methods because they don’t want to hurt their feelings.

2- Spoiling a Dog

This is actually still relating to the #1 mistake. A lot of people tend to treat their dogs like babies, so they are spoiling these dogs. But in this case, it would be a bit similar as if when you’re spoiling a kid, the dogs will become as well, spoiled. Spoiled dogs will develop bad behavior and obedience issues.

If you just got a dog you should avoid making these mistakes since the very beginning. However, if you think you’ve already made those mistakes and the damage has been done, don’t worry because there’s always a chance for you to retrain your dog.

3- Not Choosing the Right Method

There are many dog training methods and dog training tips introduced by different dog trainers. Basically, most of these dog training methods are good, but you also need to know that different methods are meant for different purposes.

There are dog training methods that are meant to correct the dog’s behavior, there are training to simply teach cute tricks, there is training for dog competition, and many others.

For a new dog, what you need is a basic training method that could shape the behavior of your dog. This type of training will help you to become a pack leader, which is the most important figure in the dog’s world. When you finally become a pack leader, it will be a lot easier for you to control your dog’s behavior.

It’s also helpful if you can become a dog trainer for your own dog. You can learn the skills by attending short courses in a dog trainer school. Additionally, you can also take your dog to a certified dog trainer for a certain period, 4-8 weeks would be enough just to set some basic attitudes so your dog could behave better.

But it shouldn’t just stop there, you need to continue the training yourself because owning a dog means that you will have an ongoing relationship with all its challenges, so you need to make sure that your dog will have good behavior at all times.

How to Protect Endangered Species of Birds?

Humans have had huge effects on several bird species. Almost one hundred bird species have gone extinct due to several reasons.

Moreover, many other species of birds are on the list of getting extinct if bird protection measures are not taken timely.

protect birds

To understand the best measures to protect birds, we need to first understand available threats to them. There are several threats to birds:

Habitat Loss

One of the biggest threats to endangered birds is the destruction of their habitats.

The loss of natural systems, forests, and plains and the draining of swamps reduce the potential habitats of many species of birds.

Moreover, human encroachment and development of commercial and residential spaces are contributing in eliminating the habitats of birds.

Habitat loss has been considered as the biggest reason for the extinction of many birds.

Exploitation and Hunting

Hunting has been another biggest threat to birds. Over the decades, people have been hunting down some rare species of the birds knowingly or unknowingly.

In some cases, harvesting some species of birds also put them into endangered condition.

Bird Protection and Conservation Techniques

Bird protection or conservation is a field of science in conservation biology. It is high time to pay attention to the species of birds that are threatened to extinct.

The foremost thing is to remove the above-mentioned threats for animals in our environment and society thereby making a better place for animals and birds.

We live in an ecosystem where we should not destroy the territories or habitats of animals. Here are some techniques of bird protection:

1- Captive Breeding:

Captive breeding has been used in many cases to save birds from extinction. The idea of captive breeding is to develop a viable population of endangered species of birds either in zoos or breeding facilities.

Thus, the captive population of the birds is regarded as the insurance against the species going extinct in the wild. The biggest successful case of captive breeding is California Condor which was almost extinct, remained only 25.

Thus, to save this species of bird, the decision has been made to take all birds into captivity. Now the number has increased to 235 from 25.

2- Habitat Protection:

Habitat loss has been mentioned as the biggest reason for the extinction of several species of birds. Therefore, the Government has decided to protect the natural habitats of the birds.

For that purpose, the Government needs to purchase land for conservation and gazette it as either zoo or protected area.

Stopping human encroachment into the natural habitat is another measure to protect the natural habitats of the endangered species of birds.

3- Translocations and Reintroductions:

Reintroductions of captive birds in the wild can surely replenish the population of endangered species of birds.

It is the best way to restore or create a new population of birds that has almost become extinct. One of the best examples of reintroduction is Hawaiian geese as the numbers of this bird increase from 30 to 500.

These above-mentioned conservation and bird protection measures can make a huge difference in saving rare species of birds that are about to extinct.

How to Build an Inexpensive Dog Pen for Inside?

The perfect dog pen for inside can go a long way towards making your dog happy by letting it stay closer to you all the time.

While building dog pens inside just take care of the fact that keeping the pen inside the house will create some obvious problems in the future.

Dog Pen for Inside

A problem like a dog would be there inside the house all the time and would create more mess than ever.

But you need to direct him and train him to not to create havoc in the house anyway. Panels used in constructing the dog pens inside should be hard and durable enough to work for a long time.

Cut the edges off as per the requirement to suit the size of the dog pens for inside you are intending to build then.

Those edges should be covered with welded wire to avoid any injury in the future. File down the edges which have been cut, since hose edges would be harder and sharp which may get you and your dog injured.

Constructing dog pens for the inside would help you to pack it and shift to other locations whenever required.

All parts in such pens are dispensable as the panels are attached to one another by hog rings which can be removed easily whenever required.

The materials you would require to construct dog pens for inside could be like:

  • Chicken wire, Aluminum fence posts, and welded wires to fence the pens
  • Chain link fencing
  • Tie wire
  • Concrete to build the basic structure’s root, so that it doesn’t get dislocated with little effort itself.
  • Latch and stones
  • River rocks or mulch to keep the pen safe for the pet.

Dog pen for inside should have eight by twenty ft size to fit a standard size pet. But it may vary depending upon the size and activeness of the dog.

The height of the dog pens inside should not be too much as it may make your house area look smaller then it is actually.

Just take care of the comfort and safety of the dog before constructing dog pens inside.

The dog pens for inside should be made up of strong material and should be stable enough to install posts to put fencing around it, like chain-link posts.

On the edges of the dog pen, lay chicken wire along with the perimeter to constrain the dog from going out in the open as there could be weeds that may infect the dog.

You can also use stakes to hold the chicken wire down.

Cover the whole perimeter of the dog pens inside except the gate area by running a chain link from one post to another.

How to Raise and Feed Pet Tadpoles With?

Frogs are regarded as the most captivating amphibians which are lovingly kept as a pet by many animal lovers.

Caring for frogs naturally inbuilt a desire to have to check out the process of breeding them!

raise and feed tadpoles

It is a great opportunity to observe the life cycle of a frog right from egg to a well-developed frog.

However, there is a particular way to raise these tadpoles.

How to raise tadpoles?

Raising a tadpole might be something that comes out as exotic to people but then one should check the law of their country before doing the same, as a lot of countries term the process of raising tadpoles as illegal.

In case this process is legal than one should try to just a few of them rather than a large quantity, as one has to take care of the environment too.

Also raising tadpoles might be a cumbersome process as it takes a lot of space. Now once the tadpoles are collected and are brought, the next process is how to raise them?

Below the whole process is outlined.

  1. Get hold of a container or an aquarium that can hold tadpoles properly and give them enough space to grow.
  2. Provide the tadpoles with clean water as they require the same. Try to procure water from a stream or a lake which is not polluted.
  3. A tadpole generally grows into a fully grown frog within a period of 6 to 12 weeks. One has to keep the temperate at moderate levels as the growth of tadpoles stops during cold temperatures.
  4. Once the tadpoles start growing legs, it is important that they are provided with some support so that they can jump out of the water. In this process, one can provide leaves of plants that are non-poisonous to them.
  5. In case the tadpoles are being raised in an open environment than they should be provided with a lot of vegetation along with enough water as they love to hide around the vegetated area. Making them grow in a hostile environment might prove to be harmful.
  6. Make sure to clean the water body from time to time so that it does not become a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Now, once the process for raising tadpoles is followed it is important to understand their food habits and provide them with the right kind of nutrition.

Below are some of their food habits along with the kind of food they like to be fed.

What do tadpoles eat? How to feed them?

What foods do pet tadpoles eat has always been an important question but along with it, it is also important to learn how to feed them.

It is very important to feed tadpoles on a regular basis if one wants to see them grow into healthy frogs.

Along with this, one way to understand that the tadpoles are being overfed is when one sees that the water body in which the tadpoles are kept, is getting dirty with food particles.

Thus, it is important to follow a balanced diet while feeding these creatures.

Lettuce is their favorite food and it is advisable that the lettuce is boiled for some 10 to 20 minutes before feeding it to the tadpole.

This will soften the leaves of the lettuce and the tadpoles will face less difficulty in eating them.

One should always break down the lettuce leaves into small bits as these creatures do not eat anything which is too large for them to feed on.

5 Best Rabbit Grooming Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy

Cats are great pets to have. This is one pet that is extremely affectionate and turns out to be an adorable family member.

When it’s about caring for your pet rabbit, you should understand that they need much more than just care.

Here we discuss some of the best rabbit grooming tips that will help you out in giving your rabbit a best look and style so that they can not only look good but also healthy.

rabbit grooming

1- Brush the Coat: This is the most demanding part of the grooming session. This is necessary to remove dirt and debris from the coat of your rabbit.

Other than keeping the skin clean and free of irritation and detangling the hair, brushing also passes the natural oils throughout the coat.

Apply gentle strokes or reward the rabbit with praises and treats in case if they resist brushing.

2- Trim the Nail: This is to be practiced once a month. Use clippers instead of scissors as the former is better for the pet. Keep in mind not to trim the nail deeply as it may lead to bleeding.

If any accidents occur while trimming nails, dust the wound area with blood-coating powder.

3- Clean the Ears: This part is necessary for keeping ear infections and permanent impairment of hearing ability from happening.

Check to ensure the inside skin of the ears and flaps is colored in pale pink, otherwise clean the earn canals with a cotton ball moistened with warm water or mineral oil.

4- Brush the Teeth: Pet toothpaste is available these days which should be used to brushing the rabbit’s teeth twice a week.

Make brushing a matter of enjoyable experience for the rabbit. Flavored toothpaste is also available which would be the best bet as the rabbit would be tempted by its smell and taste.

5- Bathe Your Rabbit: Though it is a messy job, this is very essential to keep your pooch clean and tidy.

Use rabbit shampoo, soap, brush, towels, etc and also keep bathing toys near your side so that your pet’s attention would be attracted to the toy.

Above all, pets are always happy when you know what you need to do for the best health and care of your pet.

There are so many things that you can do but the right diet and right routine is the best way of ensuring the best health and hygiene for your pet.

So, ensure that you always feed your rabbit with what they love to eat, and that way you can keep them happier always.

Buying the best grooming products is equally important when you want to care for your rabbit in the best possible way.

Make sure that you shop only the best quality rabbit supplies online at stores like ShopBunnies.com.

They offer some good deals on pet rabbit toys, treats, bedding, beds, houses, accessories, brushes, tunnels, boredom busters, and many other natural products!

Tips for Caring Marmoset Monkeys Before You buy Them Online

There are numerous peoples around the world who like to adopt exotic pets like a pet monkey. This is really a nice decision as you can find so many pet monkeys for sale these days.

You can buy your favorite one, like Marmoset monkey, from these online shops to enjoy its presence in your life.

Marmoset Monkeys

Well, just buying is not enough!

If you have bought a pet than it is your duty to give then the same importance as you do to other family members.

Tips for Caring Marmoset Monkeys

When you buy a pet monkey, they become a part of your family and caring for them is your responsibility.

When you buy a pet monkey from pets for sale shop, it means you bring home a new responsibility.

So, here I am sharing with you some tips which will make you a better pet owner. These caring tips will help you to understand your pet in a better way.

  • A pet monkey would not be able to talk to you directly so you would need to observe them all the time.
  • You would need to give proper attention so that you can understand the requirements of your pet.
  • A pet is living with you so it is important for you to take care of their proper cleaning.
  • In fact, the pet needs more cleaning than us. So either you can do it yourself or appoint someone who can take care of your pet’s cleaning.
  • Add nutritional and energetic things in your pet’s meals. A pet monkey needs a healthy diet so you might need to consult a pet doctor for better diet plans.

Now when you know all the caring tips you are now ready to adopt your favorite monkey.

Wondering where to buy marmoset monkeys online? You may check sites like exoticbreeder.net.

But, when you shop for pets for sale, it is your responsibility to enquire about every single caring and cleaning information.

Getting in touch with a shop would be able to find more accurate information on this subject. This will give you a chance to understand better and more convenient ways of taking care of your pet before you actually buy them.

Are Bamboo Chews for Dogs Good?

A lot of dogs love to chew something, especially the growing pups that gnaw on literally anything they come across to make their adult teeth breakthrough.

Often you will find them chewing on the bamboo, growing in your garden. But you don’t need to worry about it as it won’t hurt him. Often people say that bamboo is dangerous for dogs.

Well, bamboo is an extensive plant family and there are several types. Some may not be good for the dogs but others are recommended.

Bamboo Chews for Dogs

So, should you buy bamboo chews?

Bamboo dog chews or bam chews are known to quite safe for your dogs. They are prepared with bamboo fibers which are very much edible and natural in nature. Bamboo, as everyone knows, is a renewable resource.

These bones also last longer in comparison to the other chews and satiate the urge of your pet to chew constantly. Bamboo dog chews never hurt your pup’s teeth and gums.

They are neither very hard to lead to breakage of teeth nor they are so soft to make your dog lose interest in them. So, all in all, it proves to be a great chew toy for your dog. They are readily available in a plethora of natural delicious flavors which makes them an interesting option for your pets.

There are over 100 species of bamboos available but not every bamboo is used to make dog chews. There are some exceptional variants use to produce chews which are non-toxic to dogs.

So, if you are looking for long-lasting, flavored bamboo chews, then getting one for your dog is highly recommended. Planning a stray shoot for your dog with a bamboo chew is a great idea.

Presently, not a lot of companies are making bamboo chews for dogs. However, with time this is gaining great popularity and is much appreciated by pet owners as it forms to be a cost-effective, long-lasting, and good chew bone for your dog.

These natural chew bones are praised by owners because they are secure and healthier for young as well as old god who loves chewing.

The bam chews keep your dog busy for long hours. They are available in sumptuous chicken and bacon flavors. As they are made from sustainable bamboo fibers, they are bound to last for a larger time period.

The best thing about them is that they are available in a plethora of sizes and different shapes. It gives a good grip to your pet to hold it and also makes it last for a much longer time.

The bamboo chews will keep your pet away from boredom, anxiety and chewing your furnishings.

So, if you are looking for something reliable for your pet, then going for sustainable bamboo chews, then it is a great option. It will keep your pet free from destructive chewing.

So go ahead and get one of these for your furry friend now and I’m sure he will love its flavor, taste, and quality and be happy.