5 Steps to Lengthen your Dog’s Life

Dogs are awesome, cute, cuddly, and extremely friendly. But, dogs have a short lifespan.

Sadly, we humans do have limits. I can’t grant any dog immortality, and nor can you. (Unless you’re a wizard/witch. Or technology decided to evolve itself that far.)

However, there are 5 bits of advice at linkhearts.com that can give you to lengthen the bond between you and your dog.

1: Dental Care

Don’t you dare scroll down after this or click off! I know you think you’ve got good dental care for your dog. But maybe you should check.

And also, never underestimate how big an impact dental hygiene is on the health and biological functions of the entire body of your dog.

Your dog needs to eat, and if their dental hygiene is bad, so will the rest of their body.

Here are 4 ways to improve your dog’s dental health.

  1. Occasional Brushing of Teeth
  2. Specialized foods to specifically used to keep your dog’s teeth clean and strong
  3. Use vet-recommended foods.
  4. Raw bones, although check with your vet if your dog should be ‘eating’ raw bones.

2: Obesity is Not What You’d Call Good

Sure, all the chubby Shiba Inus you see are so damn adorable, obesity is something your dog should avoid. Owning an obese dog means they can experience serious health issues for your dog including anal gland, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and respiratory problems.

In addition, overweight and obese dogs would agonize from constant discomfort, heat intolerance and are likely to have a reduced lifespan, and compared to their slim friends, there is a huge gap, where your dog would have been alive.

Many veterinarians find the common perception among dog owners that a dog would be healthier with a tad bit more extra weight. Oppositely, dogs actually live longer with less stuffing in their stomachs than more stuffing.

Fortunately for you and your dog, there are many things you can do at the very house you live in to monitor your dog’s weight.

Just like humans, it all depends on exercise, diet, and treatment restriction. The ‘diet’ part isn’t as complicated as a human’s diet and doesn’t need calorie counting. You can simply switch to a premium weight control meal and follow the feeding guidelines.

3: Nutrition

Unless you have major brain damage, you would agree that good nutrition is beneficial to health for both you and your dog. But you may not be aware of the big impact a high-quality diet can make on your dog’s total wellbeing.

Good nutrition adds years to a dog’s lifespan. Compare good nutrition to bad nutrition. Well, it’s quite obvious which one is better for your furry friend, unless, well, you’ve got brain damage.

Premium dog food tends to include greater quality of ingredients than most other dog food you’d find. Top-quality kibble usually comes mixed with more beneficial nutrients that sustain skin and coat, joints, and digestive system.

This is primarily the reason that when switching from a supermarket kibble to a premium diet, dog owners typically notice a shinier coat, an upgrade in skin issues, reduced hunger, and food-seeking behaviour.

4: Parasite Prevention

Parasites are currently a huge issue in Australia, but fortunately for us they preventable.

Sustaining your dog’s parasites are simple and can give your dog immunity against some deadly and dangerous diseases.

Mosquitoes spread heartworm and slowly takes it’s time before it takes its toll. Similarly, venomous ticks can lead your dog to a fully-fledged paralysis from which your dog may have a hard time trying to recover.

Always make sure your injections are up to date and completely comprehensive against all parasites. Many preventive products are marked as ‘all-in-one’ but do not include cover against some worms or external parasites, such as ticks.

5: Home Space Awareness

Creating a joyful, stress-free home can help your dog lengthen their life by decreasing overall stress and anxiety. A decrease in cortisol levels can assist support immunity and reduce the intensity of nearly any chronic condition.

Here are 3 ways to turn your house into a stress-free environment for your dog.

1: A Comfy Bed

Although most dogs prefer to rest on their owner’s bed, it is better to buy them a comfortable dog bed all to themselves. This is because your dog can then nap during the day and there is a warmer spot for your dog. Additionally, you won’t need to clean out your bed because of the insane amounts of fur.

2: Calming Pheromones

Odourless, medication-free pheromone products like Adaptil have been very popular since their invention, successfully calming stressed dogs on a global scale.

3: Fresh Fountain Water

A water fountain with an in-built filter can encourage your dog to slurp all the water they need. This will keep them hydrated and promoting overall health.