Top Factors to Consider When Selecting a Large Animal Kennel

Whether you’re looking for a large dog kennel for your dog or are an animal caretaker with several dogs to protect, the kennels you purchase must be comfortable and safe. Look for kennels with ridged ventilation and air holes.

A kennel that is too small will cause discomfort for your dog and can result in long-term problems with their joints. Watch for signs the kennel is too small, including them avoiding it or looking uncomfortable.


Kennels, commonly known as dog crates or car kennels, come in various sizes. An excellent-sized kennel will accommodate your dogs long-term and make it possible for them to move around comfortably without feeling confined or restricted. For hyper or energetic dogs, a longer and narrower kennel would be more suitable as it would provide ample space to stretch their legs. It’s essential to consider the size of your dog when selecting a large animal kennel to ensure they have enough room to move around comfortably. The kennel should be large enough for the animal to stand up, turn around, sit erect, and lie in its natural position.

A kennel that is too small for your dog will cause it to feel anxious and cramped. If you have puppies, choosing a kennel that will grow with them so they can be comfortable for a long time is essential. The kennel should also have an area for labeling, which is helpful in case the pet becomes lost while traveling.


Whether you live on a big, open ranch or in a city apartment, large animal kennels Glen Allen, VA, are essential for preventing your pet from getting into trouble. They can also help your dog develop a strong bond with you and provide a safe place to rest during storms or when they are transported.

Kennels come in a variety of styles. Furniture can be constructed using various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, or a combination. They should have enough ventilation so the inside does not become stuffy, mainly if the kennel is used outdoors. It should also have a roof to prevent the animals from jumping over or digging under it.

The kennel should also be leakproof and escape-proof. If you intend to use it when traveling, you should get a hard-sided one that will be easy to secure in the car or to carry for a trip to the vet or the airport.


Kennels are helpful for more than just containing dogs on the home turf. They are also a great way to help your dog feel at home while traveling. Many airlines and hotels ask pet owners to keep their dogs in kennels while leaving the room for security.

When looking for a large dog kennel, consider the type of material used to make it. Look for chew-proof materials and a sturdy design. Kennels can be made from wood, metal, or plastic, each having advantages and disadvantages.

Look for a kennel with pressure-treated lumber resistant to moisture and rot. Also, ensure that the kennel has floor joists and wall studs that are 16″ in the center to resist warping. Look for a kennel with ventilation features to help your dog feel more comfortable and prevent mold growth. It is essential if you live in an area with hot or cold temperatures.


Kennels are an investment in your dog’s safety and well-being. Choosing the right one for your pet and budget is essential to selecting a long-term home for your dog.

When selecting a large animal kennel, consider the size of your dog and how much time they will spend in the kennel. Also, ensure the kennel is easy to clean and has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.

Kennels are the best way to keep your dogs safe and secure while they are outdoors. They are designed to withstand the elements, making them a good choice for areas that experience extreme weather conditions. They can also help your dogs to form a stronger bond with you. Kennels are also an excellent option for people who do not have a fenced-in yard or live in an apartment. They can also provide a safe, comfortable place for your dogs to sleep. You can buy them from different stores, both online and physically. There may be variations in prices and availability depending on the retailer you choose.

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