Why Do Dogs Love To Chew? | Benefits Of Chew Toys For Dogs

Inappropriate or destructive chewing is a fairly common problem in dogs, especially puppies. It’s normal for pups to chew on objects as they explore the world. Chewing becomes a problem when it’s directed towards inappropriate objects such as your shoes, furniture, or even your feet. Like many undesirable dog behaviors, inappropriate chewing is born out of many reasons.

Why do dogs and puppies chew on things

Dogs may engage in destructive chewing for a number of reasons. Some of the common reasons for destructive chewing in dogs and puppies include:

● Your dog is bored
● Your dog suffers from separation anxiety
● It’s an attention-seeking behavior
● Your dog wasn’t taught what is and isn’t acceptable to chew
● Your dog doesn’t have access to appropriate stuff to chew
● Your dog’s behavior is fear-related or due to phobias
● Chewing simply feels really good
● Puppies chew more during the teething period

Pro tip: There may be times when you’re panicked or frustrated over what your dog is chewing. Publishing or yelling at your dog never helps and will only make them confused and scared. Building and maintaining a positive, trusting relationship with your dog is the foundation of a happy life together!

Benefits of chew toys for dogs

If you are hoping to protect your belongings and furniture while keeping your dogs happily chomping away, read on to learn about the benefits of chew toys for your dogs.

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● Relieves boredom
With chew toys, your dog will never get bored. It will keep your dog busy for hours! Chew toys simply create fun and a useful distraction and serve as a great source of entertainment for your dogs.

Playing with chew toys will give your dog great mental stimulation and keep them entertained while you are not there. As your pup gets engaged in a chew toy, it redirects destructive chewing and prevents behavioral problems.

● Promotes oral health
A chew toy is great for your dog’s teeth and gums. Playing with a chew toy leads to better oral hygiene and prevents dental diseases. The chewing and pulling action is effective in cleaning your canine’s teeth.

This also helps your dog exercise its teeth and jaw muscles. Your pup will not only enjoy stronger teeth and gums but also less plaque by playing with chew toys.

● Gum relief for teething puppies
Puppies chew more during the teething period and a chew toy is a must for your new pup. Chewing can help ease the pain that puppies experience while they’re teething. If your puppy’s gums seem extra tender, you should try putting a chew toy in the freezer before giving it to your furbaby for an added soothing effect.

● Lowers stress
Many dogs suffer from fear, phobia, or several other types of anxiety. Chewing has a calming effect on your dogs, lowering their anxiety and allowing them to better handle stressful situations. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, a chew toy will keep them busy. It provides mental stimulation and anxiety relief.

● Satisfy your dog’s natural urge of chewing.
The chew toy encourages healthy chewing habits in your dog. They simply satisfy the natural urge of your dog to chew. Chew toys reduce destructive chewing. It will provide your dog with a safe alternative, saving your belongings, furniture, and some big headaches. Your dog will enjoy using their energy on something other than your furniture.

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Final Thoughts

Dogs interact with the world through their mouths. So, don’t scold them for being natural adventurers! Simply, get chew toys and divert the chewing elsewhere! Your dog deserves only the best! All dogs need something to chew and for this, chew toys would be the ideal solution. Playtime is always fun!

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