Kibble Katcher Revolutionizes the Dog Bowl with Functionality and Chic Style

Kickstarter Campaign to Launch Kibble Katcher

Don’t you think it is time our beloved pooches received a dog bowl upgrade?

Check out the Kibble Katcher!

Its name says it all.

Kibble Katcher ends mealtime messes with a clever design that ingeniously catches stray kibble and water in separate trays to avoid the not so welcome “kibble soup.” Additionally, by combining classic materials with a chic, minimalist style, the Kibble Katcher compliments any home décor, eliminating the need to hide your dog’s food and water bowls when visitors drop by your home.

Kibble Katcher is the latest invention by Brandon Kennington, a California dad, engineer and dog lover whose curious mind has devised an impressive list of products sold around the world including the dog pee palace Porch Potty, the hottest trend in group fitness Flexline Fitness and every teacher’s best friend SideVia.

“Kibble Katcher is more than a dog bowl, it’s an all-in-one feeding station that has the quality and look of prized furniture,” Brandon, founder of Los Angeles-based product development company BlueKube, said.

“Our dogs aren’t just pets. They are family. They shouldn’t have to go to a utility room for their meals. Kibble Katcher delivers a pet feeding solution you’ll want to show off and allows you to include your fur babies in family dining experiences minus the mess.”

Rather than launching Kibble Katcher through conventional means, Brandon is introducing Kibble Katcher to the world with a Kickstarter campaign. It’s a new and exciting route for the prolific inventor and his team.

“We wanted our customers to actively participate in the design process, giving feedback at key development stages to reflect their unique preferences and styles,” he said.

Brandon’s top secret product tester for the Kibble Katcher is Leo, his family’s awesome border collie. Leo was a notoriously messy eater when he had a regular dog bowl. It was his grubby eating habits that gave Brandon the idea to invent a solution.

“Leo’s kibble would go everywhere. It would be on the floor, floating in his water bowl … you name it we’d find kibble in it,” Brandon said.

“Leo tested the early prototypes and loves the Kibble Katcher. He gives it the thumbs up – or should I say, paws up!”

What are other impressive Kibble Katcher features?

  • A simple but brilliant “water disc” that not only slows gulpers down, but it also keeps water from splashing out even when the Kibble Katcher is kicked.
  • By elevating dog bowls off the ground, it lessens neck strain and helps with digestion.
  • Nearly all parts are dishwasher safe and can be broken down and loaded in under 90 seconds.
  • By separating the catch trays, dry kibble stays dry, discouraging the growth of harmful bacteria and toxins as well as allowing you to pour spilled kibble right back into the food bowl.
  • With care to the mid-century aesthetics, pet parents no longer have to choose between dog bowls that work or dog bowls that look good.

To learn more about Kibble Katcher and how you can support its Kickstarter, click here.

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