How Do You Raise Baby Guppies?

Guppies are sensitive creatures. They need special care since birth. When the mother guppy delivers the babies, the caretaker must provide such an environment in which the baby guppies grow well. Instead, they die because of their unhealthy condition. To ensure their healthy survival, you must fulfill the following health conditions of the tank.

Separate Mother Guppy From The Tank

The first thing that is very important for the safety of the baby guppies is to separate the mother guppy from the tank in which babies are present. It is because the mother guppy eats its babies. So, to avoid this mishap immediately shift mother to separate tank.

Maintain The Tank Temperature

Baby guppies are quite sensitive. They need special temperature for survival. The caretaker has to check the temperature of the tank regularly. The optimal temperature that is considered safe for the baby guppies is 24 to 37-degree centigrade. At this temperature, they stay comfortable as well as feel hunger. It is important to install a heater if there is no other way to provide a suitable temperature for the water. Now you may be thinking why maintaining temperature is important; it is because the warm water is harmful and may cause death while the cold water makes the fish sluggish.

Feed Babies Properly

Another important factor that one should consider for raising a baby is to feed babies with proper feed and on time. Baby guppies need feed every 2 to 3 hours. So, try to give dry or fresh food six to seven times a day to ensure better health of bay guppies. It is essential to feed them with good quality dry food, so they don’t get an illness. Feed the fish daphnia or shrimps to provide them all the nutrients that they need for nourishment.

Add Filter To Ensure Water Cleaning

Nany guppies don’t have an excellent immune system. They are prone to illness if they don’t get a comfortable and clean environment. So, for their survival, it is good to add the filter that maintains water quality and removes the dust that is harmful to the health of guppies. Add the filter in a suitable direction, so it only pulls the water but nit the baby fish.

Change Water Frequently

One thing the caretaker should keep in mind is the frequent changing of water. To change the water, first take out baby guppies out of taking and place in a jar, after that drain out all water, remove algae or dirt particles on walls and surface of the tank. Now fill the tank with freshwater with optimum temperature. Now leave baby guppies back to their tank. Try to replace the water once in a week. Don’t add chlorinated water as it may be harmful to fish. You can use the chlorine tablet with low strength to keep water hygienic.

Raising the baby guppies need special attention. These sensitive creatures need special care; otherwise, they may suffer from illness and die.

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