Positively Georgia: The Motivational Book for Children and Dog lovers

Elizabeth Ferris writes motivational books for children and adults. Her latest creation “Positively Georgia” is available in English and Hungarian. Positively Georgia is the story of a ten year old Airedale Terrier who travels with her owner Norman on many adventures during the day and within her daydreams.

This is a great book and my niece loves it she can’t stop reading it this is a great read for a dog lovers.

Elizabeth Ferris’s book is not only an excellent read for kids, but is an enjoyable read for adults. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it as much, but was gratefully mistaken. I would recommend it for all who love dogs or are interested in dogs.

This is truly a heartwarming read. It is written for grade students, but I found it most enjoyable. The thoughts and concerns of the Positively Georgia were so insightful. It can be an excellent study guide that can be used by parents or teachers to engage children and all of us in thoughtful discussion.

My niece is an avid animal lover and not a fan of reading, but she couldn’t put this book down. She has read all the pages and liked it much. The drawings are very bright and colorful. Finally, she has found a passion for reading something she is interested in and I don’t have to force her to read at night.

The author, Elizabeth Ferris, knows her subject well, and has written this story to appeal to all children. Positively Georgia is a touching, inspiring, and funny book by Elizabeth Ferris.

Positively Georgia will inspire you to dream and challenge you to remember your unique potential. It will encourage you to focus your good energy and create great things. Share your gifts with the world like Georgia. This book was created to bring positive thoughts to children (and parents) of all ages!

You Can Buy Positively Georgia (English Version) here! Or Hungarian Version here

Visit Ferrisbooks.com to find out more about the author Liz Ferris, or visit Liz Ferris on her Facebook page here!  

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