Constipation in guppy

Constipation in a guppy can be a really serious disease. Being aware of what to consider and the way to treat constipation is extremely important for the overall health of your guppy.

The kind of diet you feed your guppy has a strong impact on their digestion. When you feed your guppy a diet which is too low or too heavy in fiber, it will bring about constipation. Although this might not look like a critical issue, in guppy it will get fatal quickly if the guppy cannot release feces as it should. That is why it is important for aquarium fish lovers knowing the prevention and treatment for constipation in aquarium fish.

Trigger of Constipation in Guppy

In many instances, constipation in guppy happens in the form of stringy and bloating feces. When your guppies are healthy, their feces are released easily and fall instantly into the bottom of your aquarium. When you notice that your guppies are constipated, nonetheless, the feces hang from the guppy like a string. Other signs and symptoms of constipation might include lack of appetite, lethargy, difficulty swimming, and loss of condition. Such symptoms and signs also can be more serious the more chronic the constipation becomes.

However, the symptoms of constipation are easily taken wrongly for the symptoms and signs of dropsy. As a result, most guppies don’t get the treatment they require as early as they should. The major trigger of constipation in guppy is a diet with a lack of fiber. Without enough fiber in the diet, the guppy’s digestive system will be unable to properly get rid of feces. You might not recognize it, but many commercial guppy foods are really low in fiber. That is why; you will need to consider adding to the diet of your guppy with fresh vegetable.

Your guppy’s diet directly has an effect on its health and condition. When treating Guppy Constipation you need to be selective about feeding your guppy with a nutritious diet to prevent health problems and harmful conditions like constipation.

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