3 Things To Consider When Choosing a Dog

It is said that dogs are man’s best friend, but it seems they are also his most popular pal. With pet ownership on the rise, dogs are now found in approximately 38 percent of American households, leading cats, fish, reptiles and every other species. The benefits of having a dog are numerous; improved health, reduced stress and an enhanced social life are just a few of advantages a four-legged friend can offer. Not all dogs are created equal, however, so for the ideal relationship you’ll need to find the breed that is the best fit for you. Here are a few things to consider.


Just like humans, every dog has its own characteristics. Research various dog breeds to gain a better understanding of how a dog acts and what it needs before visiting dog breeders suffolk county or in your area. If you like things to be neat and orderly, a dog that slobbers or sheds heavily might not be the best fit for you. Some breeds can be difficult when around children or large groups, so that should be a consideration for prospective owners with large families or social circles.


The size of your home and yard is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right dog. Huskies and Newfoundlands make tremendous family pets, but they require lots of space for running and spreading out. Apartment dwellers can still find a canine companion, however. Basset hounds, bulldogs and terriers are among the breeds that adapt well to limited living spaces.


Every dog requires an investment of time. Feeding, walking, playing and grooming are regular parts of a dog owner’s life. If work or other obligations limit your availability, you might want to consider lazier breeds like mastiffs and Shih Tzus that don’t require as much exercise.

The bond between a human and his or her dog is a special one. Keep these tips in mind when looking for your new best friend.

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