Hydrotherapy for Dog Weight Loss

Why hydrotherapy is a great way to keep your dog fit and healthy

If you have noticed that your dog has put on weight you may not think that this is a problem, however having an obese dog can become a problem very quickly.

Carrying excess weight puts additional pressure on the joints which will eventually lead to health problems such as arthritis or possible ligament damage, meaning expensive surgery may be recommended.  Where puppies are still growing and become overweight this can affect their growth and cause further issues later in life.  Not only does the weight put pressure on the joints it also puts pressure on the lungs and heart an increase in blood pressure making everyday activities more difficult.

A dogs’ life span can be much shorter if they are fat, so it is important to keep them as fit and healthy for as long as possible.Obese dogs are more likely to contract diabetes which can be expensive when it comes to treatment, not to mention the impact that this can have on your dog’s life.  If your dog ever must have an operation,those who are carrying more weight have increased risks when it comes to anaesthesia.

Older dogs who are less active often find it harder to lose weight because they are less active. It is important for the weight to come off at a steady pace rather than a big weight loss in a short period of time, as they are likely to keep it off.

Dog food guidelines on the back of dog food packs are guidelines only and each dog is individual, so it is a case of monitoring them on a weekly basis.

Your Vet may recommend a diet, a change to a low calorie food or extra exercise such as dog hydrotherapy.Hydrotherapy can be added to your dog’s usual exercise to help aid weight loss.  Because of the resistance of the water, hydrotherapy sessions are equivalent to a much greater amount of land based exercise as well as having other benefits such as reducing pain, increasing strength, muscle and mobility which will then help with land based activities

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