The health benefits of raw feeding for cats and dogs

If you have ever heard about raw feeding, you might be questioning yourself what it is all about. Who would want to consider food which hasn’t been processed or cooked? Raw feeding is about feeding your pet with uncooked food to ensure that you possibly can optimize its health along with the advantages that raw food carries.

Based on the research, dogs or cats that are fed with cooked or processed food will not live as long as their ancestors. it was proven that the ancestor of today pets were much healthier and fit due to their raw eating habit . In older times wild animals had easy access only to foods that were uncooked and natural and there were no synthetic ingredient, additives or even chemicals which were mixed into their raw food. Due to this healthy diet, they could live much longer and were not vulnerable to getting any health disorders.

Listed below are the advantages of raw feeding for your cats and dogs:

1 . Your cats or dogs will not create severe body odor  and you are as the pet owners would love that.

2 . It cleanses out your cats and dogs teeth naturally – The enzymes in unprocessed meat can clean their teeth naturally so you don’t need to regularly brush their teeth or concern yourself with the gum disease. The more time it takes your pet to chew up a uncooked meaty bone can give their stomach enough time to let the acids move. You might be impressed with how quickly this works when you let them consume raw food.

3 . It is beneficial to their muscles – If you feed your cats or dogs with raw meaty bone to chew on, it builds up the muscle tissues in their jaw, shoulders and neck. It’s easy for you to help them grow their muscles as they need to work at chewing their raw food.

4 . Kittens and puppies grow naturally, not even growing so fast – such pets should develop and grow in a natural manner. You can find chemicals in commercial pet food that disrupt this growth pattern and tend to accelerate their growth which is quite unnatural. Almost any professional breeders understand this.

5 . Much lower Veterinarian costs – Raw feeding cats dogs will be very healthy as you feed them with raw food that your Veterinarian costs will surely decrease. Every pet owner knows how costly the Veterinarian can be.

6 . Your pet food will cost lower than commercial pet food which is extremely expensive. There are some butchers who can work for you if you are a loyal customer.

With raw feeding your pets will get all the dietary nutrients. You do not need to give your pet extra supplements after you start it with this kind of eating habit. Just by feeding the pets the appropriate foods, you will always be sure that your pets are provided with all the necessary nutrients to stay healthier and stronger.

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