Toy Poodle Training – Dog Training Tips

Toy Poodle training should be approached in the same manner that you would most other dog breeds. However, the one benefit that these beautiful and amazing Poodle breeds have over other dogs is that they are highly intelligent. In fact, Toy Poodle training has been my most memorable experience

There are hundreds of dog training approaches to take when it comes to Toy Poodle training. This includes puppy training (behavior training, adolescent, boundary limits, house training Poodles, leash training, etc.) In this article I will discuss a few tips on training your Toy Poodle on two basic commands.

“Sparky, Let’s Walk!”

Every Toy Poodle starts out as a puppy, and all puppies need the basic dog training command of walking in the direction in which you want them to go in. As you turn, keep your head high and do not look at your Toy Poodle when giving the command to walk or change direction. You want your dog to turn with you.

Perhaps your Toy Poodle is not leash trained yet. You can still practice the exercise by putting some tiny dog treats in a cup, placing the lead around his neck, and then shake the cup around as you walk, while saying “Let’s Go” at the same time. Now pick up the lead and walk around with the cup. Be sure to give your Poodle a treat by stopping every 7-8 feet or so.

“Sit Boy, Sit!”

Toy Poodle training basics should also include the sit command. Use this command any time you want your Poodle to sit for something positive like getting a treat, a head rub, or praise. Simply say the command “Sit!” one time and assist the dog into the sitting position. Some Toy Poodles are so smart that they get this within five attempts from the owner. Be sure not to repeat the command like this: “Sit, Sit, Sit”. Toy Poodle puppies will consider that a different command than just “Sit” said one time, and will become confused.

Sit Command Tip: To help position your dog if there is trouble learning the command, keep training safe by avoiding pressing on the spine. Just take your right hand and lightly lift on the Poodle’s chin or collar. As you lift, take your left finger or thumb and gently press on his waist until the sit position has been reached.

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