Local Minnesota Animal Shelters

The official Humane Society in the state of Minnesota, which goes by MHS (Minnesota Humane Society) is dedicated to the ongoing education and rescue procedures of all animals statewide.

The Minnesota Humane Society On “Adoption and Surrender”. In looking over the mnhumane.org website I was pleased to see how this wonderful group operates. There is more than enough information for members and non-members to learn how to handle animals and pets that need to be rescued. On the page of adoption and surrender, the Minnesota Human Society states that it does not operate a standard animal shelter. Instead, they work hand-in-hand with “no-kill rescue organizations”.

The group highly recommends that you adopt a dog or cat (or any other animal choice you may have) from a no-kill service. This means that you know for sure that the organization does not kill any animals. Animal shelters in Minnesota, on the other hand, may be forced to put unwanted pets to sleep if they are not adopted. But this is standard practice amongst most shelters.

Information About Animal Shelter Minnesota Groups

Before I discuss the following heartbreaking situation that exists within the non no-kill animal shelters located in various parts of Minnesota, I want to also say that having to put animals to sleep is not a state-wide practice. It is nationwide. Some people disagree with the practice but many understand.

When unwanted animals are brought to county humane societies more than 50% of them will be put to sleep. And this percentage pertains mostly for the dogs and puppies. There are more cats that are put to sleep than this figure.

Additional Humane Societies In Minnesota:

If you are looking for animal fundraisers you should try Donorbox and for additional information on finding humane society in your area, here are a few listed that are common organizations people are searching for.

1) Humane Society Burnsville Minnesota

We located a very informative website that you can view if you are searching for a humane society Burnsville Minnesota area. Please go to mvhspets.org and take a browse through their web pages. You will find outstanding articles on education and training of pets, volunteer work, news and events, as well as pet adoption information.

2) Northwoods Humane Society In Minnesota

For those of you who are searching for information on the Northwoods humane society in Minnesota, you may visit the following link: northwoodshs.org. Do not be misled by the simplicity of the Northwoods Humane Society website. The organization not only provides ways to become an animal volunteer, lists pets for adoption, and updated pet news, it also schedules breakfast meetings and fun activities for its members like wine tasting and traditional “blessing of the animals” gatherings.

3) Humane Societies In Southwest Minnesota

Visit the website pawsandclaws.org if you are wanting to find information about humane societies in southwest Minnesota. It is located in Rochester, MN and it’s mission statement is “to provide humane protection and shelter for abandoned or lost companion animals, and seek adoptive homes for companion animals under protective care. When visiting the site you can see lovely pictures of the available dogs and cats that are in need of a good home from someone looking to adopt a pet.

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