Labrador Puppy Weight – Puppy Growth Development

How much weight your lab puppy should weigh will vary with age, nutrition, bloodline, etc. but there are a few guidelines that can help you. For example, the lab puppy weight of a two-month old Labrador is probably going to be about twenty pounds. At six months old, lab puppy weight may 50 pounds.

These guidelines do depend on the average healthy puppy. Some owners over-feed their lab pups which will result in a heavier weight. This is not healthy and can lead your dog to diabetes and other canine diseases related to being obese.

Other factors that may affect the amount of lab puppy weight would be the use of medications. Certain veterinarian medications that your dog may be taking could induce weight gain, or weight loss (depending on the condition).

Lack of activity can also be a contributing factor to how much your Labrador retriever puppy will weigh on the scales. These dogs needs lots of exercise and without it, not only will the extra pounds pile on, they will also be very unhappy pets.

Feeding Your Labrador Retriever Puppy

I wanted to leave you with a few more tips on Labrador Retriever puppies. While lab puppy weight is important to know and expect in order to make sure you have the right living space to accommodate the puppy, knowing how to feed the dog is just as vital.

This may surprise you but I do not recommend feeding lab puppies regular puppy food. I know that most sources may say that puppy food bought from the pet store is ideal, but for small dogs this type of puppy food may cause your dog to gain weight too fast.

All you need to feed your Labrador puppy is a high quality diet of maintenance-level calories. This means feeding him adult dog food, but at puppy serving levels. Your dog will stay slim while growing at the normal rate that is natural for him, while at the same time having lots of energy.

How often you should feed your lab puppy is simple. For one thing, never keep food out all day. This is the leading cause of obese dogs. So for the first 16 weeks a serving of food three times per day is adequate. Once this growth period slows down then you may reduce your Lab’s feeding amounts to only twice daily.

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