How To Teach Your Dog To Jump Through A Hoop

Not only are dog games and tricks something that will stimulate your dog’s learning faculties, but it also helps in overall dog training. It doesn’t matter whether your dog is undergoing strict obedience training classes or learning fun dog games for kids, the way your pet’s brain works is that it grows and becomes more smarter from being taught anything, especially when it is fun activities like dog tricks.

Today’s fun dog game is called “Jump Through The Hoop”. This trick is also perfect if you are looking for easy dog games for girls. Have you ever wondered what makes those circus dogs have the ability to do those amazing tricks day in and day out, with perfection and never-ending energy? Well the truth is that dogs love to be rewarded and they live for applause, just like humans do. This is why you can learn fun dog games for kids and your pet will never stop wanting to perform these tricks for the family.

Teaching Your Dog To Jump Through A Hoop

First you must already have taught your dog the basic trick of jumping as well as what the word “over” means. Fun dog games for kids like this must be learned in a series, so if your dog is ready to begin then here are the following steps:

Set the hoop up in a doorway. This will prevent your dog from making a mistake and jumping over the sides. Your dog should be on a long leash and in the room while you are outside of the room (on the other side of the hoop). The leash should be running right through the loop.

Call your dog and have her come to you through the hoop. Your dog may be a bit spooked but you can relieve her during this dog trick by calmingly saying something like “Thatta girl, good girl, come on, it’s ok…”

Once your dog has gone through the hoop several times be sure to raise the hoop a little bit each time. Inch by inch, this dog trick will get your dog slowly walking through the loop until she will eventually have to jump to get through it. That is the ultimate goal.

The basic principles go like this: During this dog trick your dog cannot avoid moving through the hoop due to the sides of the doorway blocking her path. By moving the hoop up each time your dog gets the trick and starts to maneuver by jumping over the loop. If she ever walks underneath, you sternly say “NO” then “OVER”. The “over” command will eventually be what your dog learns as the motivating command to jump through the loop.

I hope you enjoyed this example dog trick that can be used for fun dog games for kids. Not only great for the children but adults can also have a wonderful time teaching dog tricks to entertain guests at parties.

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