Fun Dog Games For Kids

One of the coolest and fun dog games for kids, as well as dog games for girls, is the classic trick of teaching your dog to walk around in its hind legs. This is the perfect dog trick for breeds of all types, but smaller dog breeds seem to be naturals. They are able to get on their legs easier and enjoy trying to see what is going on above them anyways.

My dog is a chihuahua and when my daughter read about fun dog games for kids she taught him this trick first, and the little guy now walks around on his hind legs most of the day! He loves it!

This dog trick is an easy one. All you need is some tasty treats and have your dog start in the “sitting high” position. This means he should be propped on his hind quarters, sitting perfectly to lift himself up when the command to walk on his hind legs is given.

First attach a flat leather dog collar on your dog and then grab and attach a regular dog leash. Hold the leash with your left hand and a tasty small dog treat in your right hand. All you have to do is pull on the leash straight up while at the same time give the command to walk. The leash should not be drooping down in your dog’s face so be sure to round up any excess from the leash into your hand.

At first your dog may have a tendency to move too forward and fall onto her front paws. This is just fine at first and remember to keep the trick fun. Fun dog games for kids and adults should not be harsh training sessions. If your dog is not learning the game fast enough then do not yell or make him afraid. Fun dog games and dog tricks take time.

Your dog will make several attempts to keep its balance. Let him wobble a bit until he can gain the right level. Then start giving the command to “Stand Up”. Raise the dog treat so that he will have to get up on his hind legs to grab it. Then let him have the treat and shower lots of praise.

The next step is to get your dog to take a step forward. Simply repeat the process, grabbing up on the leash, lifting the treat into the air, and giving the command “Stand Up”. But this time inch the treat in front of your dog just a few inches until that first step is made.

The dog may lose balance at this point but that is ok! The first step in this dog trick is done. Now keep on doing the same repetitive movements until he walks 2 steps, then 3, then 4… Eventually you will have your dog literally walking on its hind legs, amusing everyone that watches. Fun dog games for kids and adults like this are a great way to have fun while stimulating your pet’s learning center in the brain.


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