Five Ways to Stop Your Dog Digging up Your Yard

Having a dog doesn’t mean you must forget the dazzling lawns and a wonderful backyard. Much like small kids with a lot of energy to burn up, a dog will try to find things to do and find methods to burn an excessive amount of energy – occasionally with unsatisfying results.

For most families, this may mean a yard filled with muddy potholes, messed up flowerbeds, and no possibility of a nice vegetable garden. It should not be this way to prevent your dog from digging with some simple ideas. Below are some methods you can encourage doing to enjoy other activities that don’t require slinging dirt.

1. Discourage Digging

Most dogs will build a personal preference for an area of the yard in which they want to dig. This might be a really annoying situation.

If this is actually your dog, you can try burying deterrents in the backyard that can prevent the dog from digging. Experiment with the following barriers to find out what works for your dogs :

* Citrus peel generates an embarrassing sensation for a dog’s nose
* Install a motion sensitive sprinkler to give the dog a risk-free surprise
* Plastic chicken wire ( not metal wire ) , netting , or even flat rocks buried just underneath the area can make it difficult for their paws .
* Use thorny plants like rose bushes as a tempting but thorny barrier

2. Create a Shady Area

Dogs tend to dig a hole they can rest in, which will help them cool-down throughout the warm weather. We cannot deny them this animal comfort so ensure your backyard has cool shady places that the animal can sometimes keep cool throughout the hot summer.

3. Give Your Dog Fun-based activities

Digging is an instinctual habits in dogs, but it may also be an effective way to reduce boredom. Ensure your dog has a lot of things to keep them busy – especially when you are not home for the whole day.

Toys like ropes, tennis balls, or chew toys can prevent them from digging. Put a box of toys and rotate them, so your pet will not get distracted with the same thing each and every day. Toys which hide a treat should keep your dog amused for several hours because they tease the morsel out of its hiding area.

4. Give Them a Digging Space

Dogs really like digging, so at times the most convenient way to prevent them from damaging your backyard is to involve them their habit in a safe place. A sandbox is the suitable play space for your dog. It is very important to invest some time training them to only dig this area but think about it as time reserved from filling in holes for the next 5 or 10 years.

5. Invest More Time with Your Pet

If the digging is boredom and pent-up energy you will be able to prevent your dog from digging when you both go out each morning for a healthy exercise. Do some fetch and a run. A regular exercise might get the dog out of the backyard and force them to explore while burning off the energy if not they will damage your lawn.

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