How to Choose the Best Wireless Dog Fence

Every pet owner wants his or her dogs to play in a safe and secure environment. Dogs are naturally playful, aggressive and adventurous. Therefore, if you give them too much freedom they will get lost or get collected by stray dog collection services. In the past, people used to fence their compounds to keep their dogs grounded.

The traditional method of preventing dogs from escaping is expensive and needs a lot of maintenance. However, a more efficient and modern dog restriction technology has been introduced to solve the problem. According to, the wireless dog fence is a technology that keeps the dog within bounds without necessarily installing a physical fence.

A wireless dog fence is essentially a boundary system that keeps the dogs protected while roaming around freely. In this article, you will learn how to choose a wireless dog fence. Here are essential


In most websites, you will see reviews stating that wireless dog fence only requires one to plug in the transmitter. You should note that reviews may be used just to make you comfortable about your purchase. You also need to consider the batteries when shopping around. In fact, the dog collar has a receiver that requires batteries in order to function as intended. Therefore, when reading wireless fence product reviews, make sure you consider other aspects as outlined herein.

Key Features

The market is flooded with dozens of wireless dog fences. Every wireless dog fence has unique and distinguishing features depending on the brand. Therefore, it is vital to look at the features before investing in a wireless dog fence. In fact, the features found in each of the wireless dog fences will surely affect your final decision.

Also, you need to know how the features affect the working of the dog fence you are about to buy. A rechargeable wireless fence will definitely work differently from a non-rechargeable wireless dog fence. You should note that a water-proof fence system can be buried in the ground. Therefore, look at the features and their functionalities before placing an order.


Another important factor to consider is the range. The range of the wire dog fence is an important factor when it comes making the decision. The reason why the range is an important factor is that it determines the area that will be available for your dog. Making a choice on the range of the fence depending on your personal preference, size of your backyard and the number of dogs.

Number of Collars

If you have more than one dog household, you should go for a transmitter that will support multiple collars. There are invincible dog fencing systems that require you to purchase additional collars separately. And in most cases, the collars come depending on the number you require. Basically, the number of collars is determined by the number of dogs you own.

Level of Correction

The level of adjustable correction is actually one of the main factors that dictate the range of the system. Dogs have varying characters, thus they require different levels of correction. You need to study your pet well to note if they need more or less correction that will keep them with the boundary. Other important factors to consider when choosing a wireless dog fence include the cost, battery type and brand of the system.

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