Bruno’s Story Part 1 : A Story of Lost Dog and Being Found

When Bruno was about 6 weeks old we bought him from a bergie at Houtbay. My friends say we are probably the only people who go out to buy fish and chips and then come home with a puppy! To be quite honest with you, when the bergies offered him to us I said no at first because we had 4 kittens at home and I didn’t know how they would react to having a puppy around. However, when they walked away from me and I saw that face, I just knew I had to take him home with me. By the time I convinced my husband that we absolutely NEED that puppy the bergies had disappeared so we set out to look for them. Fortunately I found them about 15 minutes later and R30 later Bruno was ours! He was so small that my daughter Michelle could put him in the front of her jacket and carry him around like that.

The day we got Bruno was the start of many happy and funny days with him. He is a dog with the sweetest nature, full of mischief, very playful, loves cuddles and playing with mommy and daddy. He also adores home cooking! Bruno has absolutely changed our lives and he has taught us about what unconditional love really is.

He has a real fascination with any light reflections and he can run around the garden until he drops chasing after the reflection of a mirror on a wall or on the grass! I call him my “enlightened child” but jokes aside, he has the wise eyes of a very old soul. And anyone who tells you that a dog does not have a sense of humour has never met Bruno!

On November 5 while we were away from home there were fireworks in the area, really loud apparently, and my Bruno got spooked and managed to get out of our yard and disappeared down the road. That started a nightmare of 5 days that I would rather forget. It was the most traumatic time we had been through in a long time and just the thoughts of where he was and whether he was still OK and was he hungry were driving me insane. On top of that the what if’s and regrets of not being home or of doing things differently – it was pure torture!

We looked everywhere we could, drove through the neigbourhood calling his name. The problem with built-up areas though is that they are rather large and you just don’t have a clue where to concentrate your efforts to. Needless to say we did not find him and we spent a very miserable Sunday at home waiting for the print shop to open so we could get posters printed.

We spent the Monday putting up posters at all the places that we could think of that would accept missing dog posters. Most places were actually very helpful about it. We tied fliers to every important stop street at every entrance we thought he might have been seen but we still had no clue as to what direction he had taken.

In the meantime I had also sent out some emails and posted on Facebook about him being missing and so I came into contact with a whole lot of individuals that gave me so many tips and other information on how to go about trying to find him.

On Monday afternoon a kind individual phoned us to tell us that he saw Bruno on Saturday evening on a main road above our house – that at least gave us an indication of what direction he went into. But no matter how we searched it was to no avail. To be continued to the next post

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