How To Spoil Any Cat

No matter what kind of cat you have, they all have one thing in common – They all like warm places. I suggest that you buy him or her a heating pad or a heated cat bed. One that warms up by itself is best, because cats are attracted to things ALREADY warm, not ones that may BECOME warm. I, myself, have yet to find one that you can plug into a wall and stays warm all the time. I usually use a heating pad, because they are everywhere and easy to find.

Most cats also have a nesting habit. They like to curl up in something that can surround them on all sides. You can make one at home that also has the heat factor by taking a blanket and making a little nest for your cat and placing a heating pad right in the middle. However if you have a cat that will repeatedly knock over your thoughtful resting spot, you might just want to buy one from your local supplier or from me’

Cats aren’t really that picky about where they sleep, so, of course, you can also get a heated DOG bed for your cat, and s/he will love it all the same!!!
This bed is a good choice because it plugs into the wall to safely warm dogs (and cats) as they nap.

All cats are picky about their food, too. My mom’s cat, Butthead (he got his name – I have the scars to prove it), will whine and whine if he doesn’t get his canned food in the evening. On top of THAT, he will only eat it if it’s shreaded or in little bits.

I found that no matter what cat you have, they are all attracted to the taste and smell of fish. When at the store (no, sadly, I don’t shop from my own site), I look for cans that say “Ocean Whitefish”, “Tuna”, or “Salmon”. I usually only buy the Ocean Whitefish or Tuna, but occasionally, I will buy Salmon as well.

Fancy Feast Marinated varieties offer full rich flavor in poultry fish or meat selections Sold in cases of 24 cans

Cats also like your leftovers. If you ate chicken or beef or steak for dinner, it’s OK to give your kitty the leftovers, BUT be sure that you carefully sort through it and make sure that there are NO bones or hard pieces in the meat that the cat can choke on. This is VERY important!!! Be sure to shred up the chicken or cut up the beef into little cubes so that the cat won’t take too big of a bite and choke! This meat is tougher than what you buy in the cans for your cat.
Make sure that you give your kitty your love and let him or her know that you will always be there to pet it and cuddle with it and love it and play with it and… yeah… you get the point. 🙂

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