How To Spoil a Lazy Cat

Lazy cats like to sit around and sleep all day. And bask in the sunlight and keep warm and be worshipped. Two of my favorite window perches are shown below.

This comfortable supportive cat perch mounts on virtually any window sill Includes all mounting accessories and complete instructions Cover is machine washable! A good choice, even if your cat doesn’t need the support.

Give your cat a bed with a view! This design is a hammock style, that your cat will love as it can position itself how it wants to lay and the bed will curve to the body of your cat!

I’ve also noticed that cats like being up high. Places like on top of the refrigerator, or up on a table, give cats comfort – and, possibly, the feeling of being important. =p Cats are vain animals, you are their servant! If your cat has a nesting habit on top of something, maybe you should put a towel or something up there to make him or her more comfortable. And DON’T forget to bow when you walk by!

Your cat spends so much time being lazy that s/he couldn’t possibly find the time to groom their coat! Cats also get comfort from being brushed, as it is similar to being pet. For short-hair cats, a soft bristle brush adds a glamorous shine to the coat. For long-hair cats, a stiff-bristle brush is almost a must! They don’t usually like it if they have a bunch of knots, but just pet them and slowly comb through their hair. Keep them groomed every day and they will not whine so much from being brushed.

This brush is purrfect for grooming either long-hair or short-hair cats. The bristles are tough enough to grip knots way down in long fur, but short enough not to bother the short-haired breeds. I, myself, use this kind of brush on either dog or cat.

Also, try to keep a heating pad out on low for your cat in a comfortable place so that they can be nice and toasty. It’s not necessary during hot summer days, but from fall through spring, I recommend it! Kitty will love you even more!

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